Light Aircraft Manufacturers

Not all manufacturers are equal. Choosing the right manufacturer for your specific needs will play a major role in the upfront price, the amount of maintenance, the resale price, and the life/durability of your light aircraft. See more about the Light Aircraft Manufacturers or learn more about us!

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Light Aircraft and Helicopter Manufacturers

When it comes to choosing your airplane or helicopter, whether for rental or for purchase, the manufacturer you choose to purchase from will be the most important decision. Purchasing an aircraft or helicopter is such an investment that the interested party is likely to do a lot of research on the individual model they select. However, like car purchasing, choosing your manufacturer should be the first step. Your manufacturer will determine: the cost of spare parts, the reliability of the aircraft, the availability of aircraft-specific technicians, and the ease of customer service interactions.

  • Cessna Learn more about Cessna and its history

  • Piper Piper may be struggling but they have quite a future ahead of them

  • Aviat Little known but an awesome manufacturer

  • Cirrus While it only has three models, its next Product may be a game-changer.

  • Robin Taking over the new "Sports" category of flight.

  • Beechcraft Maker of the King Air and Hawker Aircraft. lately has been focused on its larger craft.

  • Syma Amazing RC Helicopters!

What does a Trade Association do for Aviation Clientele?

The Light Aircraft category brings enormous variety to the aviation industry. In reality it covers a humongous scope from single engine aircraft all the way up to light jets. Some of the lighter jets still maintain coast to coast capabilities while the smaller single piston aircraft have top speeds up under 100 miles an hour and range under 500 miles. This is obviously a humongous scope and a very ill defined group.

What does conduct as the guiding understanding of a light aircraft is the weight. Since that weight can be distributed in a variety of ways between engines, passenger space, as well as the usual wings and normal infrastructure, this allows for the humongous flexibility in what is considered a light aircraft. Group such as ours, the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association strive daily to help protect clientele by insuring that anyone who claims to be producing a “light aircraft” actually follows through with those standards. It is for reasons like this that we cannot recommend highly enough that anyone who is looking for a brand new aircraft actually follows through by checking that any aircraft is built by a manufacturer that is cross checked with an association like this.