Who is this guy and how does he know about aircraft?


My background includes a lot of work in mechanical engineering with a number of manufacturers throughout the eastern seaboard. I was part of the formation of the newest generation of Ultralight aircraft. My portfolio includes work on a number of aircraft within the Sport category. My biggest pride however, is the ultralight which I custom built and designed for myself.

Consumer Background

I have purchased 3 light and ultralight models and have rented or used numerous models. As a consumer, it has been a massive pleasure to try many of the brands that are listed on this website. This led me to the realization that truly no two manufacturers are the same! Each has its strengths and weaknesses.


Who am I? -Nate Pearl Holmes

Thats me in the red plane! I absolutely adore spending as much time in the sky as possible. My focus is on mechanical engineering which led to my passion for private aviation. This site is an accumulation of information that I have encountered about the major light aircraft manufacturers. This started as a hobby but is becoming a passion as I m,make it a goal to add fresh content and new information as rapidly as possible! I am currently operating in Kentucky and can often be seen flying, just look up!