Aviat Light Aircraft Manufacturer

  • Quick Facts

    Aviat is a specialty light aircraft manufacturer based in America. Coined in 1996, the company actually dates back to the 20's as a parts manufacturer. Now, Aviat is the proud producer of some very special models including the Husky and the Eagle II. Aviat has found large success within the sports/ stunt show crowd because of the high quality of the aircraft. Aviat is the most common producer of acrobatic planes and are extremely powerful. Also, many of their aircraft come in an enthusiast edition. This means it comes in pieces which significantly decreases the price.

    Aviat is a small company in terms of number of technicians. If you have a problem with your aircraft, you will be forced to search out general aviation technicians as there are few specialists from Aviat themselves.

  • Favorite Product: Husky

    The Husky was the first in its class to be built using CAD software and to this day it show in the reliability and durability of the craft. It is a very light aircraft that only supports 2 passengers, but is widely considered the most pleasant aircraft to fly. Used in harsher condition than most of its competitors, the Husky is a very versatile machine. Prices start at around 300'000 new but if you can look back 5 years, prices drop to 125'000.