Hawker Beechcraft

  • Quick Facts

    Founded: 1932
    Size: 8'000 employees
    Gross Profits: Undisclosed
    Production Focuses:Single and Dual Piston
    My Stability Recommendation: Company is extremely stable as far as light aircraft manufacturers go. Beechcraft is the main competition for Cessna. Whilst Cessna focuses on smaller planes, Hawker has a larger selection of larger jets. This means that their technical support is slighted a little towards the more expensive (and more profitable) Jets, but still a solid manufacturer to buy from.

  • Favorite Product: Hawker Beechcraft 800XP

    The Hawker 800xp is a frequently used charter aircraft. It is commonly used because of its extremely spacious cabin its amazing range, and it's fantastic service capabilities. It is truly considered a workhorse of the private jet charter industry as reported by industry leader GiveJet, LLC. They report that up to 15% of all of their flights are conducted on this single aircraft. This is an incredible statistic compared to the fact that there are hundreds of different aircraft to choose from.

    It boils down to the fact that Hawker 800XP is one of the best business jets ever manufactured. About 10 years ago I was doing consulting for a fortune 500 company based in the Northeast. I had the unique experience of riding on one of their New York Jet Charter flights. So with full disclosure, I am a little biased towards the Hawker 800XP. But compared to other aircraft in its class, the Hawker has a very spacious cabin with an enclosed lavatory. It has coast to coast capabilities and a wonderfully smooth ride. I really cannot recommend this jet enough! At a used price tag of around 1 million dollars this aircraft is truly a steal compared to similar sized jets which cost 10 to 14 million brand new.