• See the newest announcement from ICON regarding the A5!

    Icon Aircraft drew a ton of attention earlier this year by declaring its A5 model to be the "Ferrari of Light Aircraft". This includes a slew of features previously only found outside of its category! Speaking of category, this beautiful machine is within the SPORT category under new licensing which makes it much more affordable to get a license for. The features this beauty has includes wingtips, LED landing lights, extreme fuel efficiency, as well as a slough of others!

  • Recall alert! Textron Lycoming has issues a recall on Certain Crank Shafts!

    Just trying to keep you all safe! Word has passed down that Textron Lycoming is issuing a recall on crankshafts used in Cessna 182s and Commander 112s. This is controversial because Textron Lycoming has been in the news a number of times in regards to its use of low quality vanadium in its alloys. Textron Lycoming denies that the mineral is the cause of the recall, but there is a lot of skepticism about this. There has been 6 crash related to this recall so do not be sure to see if your plane applies.

  • Curious about the newest laws regarding licensing? I have listed them for you!

    There is a relatively new category in the field of light aircraft and it allows you to transport passengers without the full license! Remember that flying an ultralight by yourself is allowed on your own decision making-without training! Here is the categories and the amount of training required:
    Airplane: 20 hours
    Powered Parachute:12 hours
    Weight-Shift-Control (Trikes): 20 hours
    Lighter-Than-Air, Balloon:7 hours
    Glider: 10 hours
    Rotorcraft (gyroplane only):20 hours