Cessna Light Aircraft Manufacturer

  • Quick Facts

    Cessna was founded as a subsidiary of the Textron company with a focus on general aviation in 1927. Throughout much of its life Cessna has proudly focused on its light aircraft constituents. While the have lines such as the Citation and the Sovereign that cater to the jet crowd, Cessna's major focus has always been on its light aircraft. They are the number one producer of light aircraft in the world.

    Cessna is curently in an upswing. Like many major luxury items producers, Cessna struggled during the 2008-2010 years but has been growing since then. Cessna is ot going anywhere in the forseeable future and you can be sure that they will be around to take care of you and your aircraft

  • Favorite Product: Cessna 172

    The sky hawk is an easy choice as the favorite. It is considered the most successful aircraft and there are over 60'000 of them registered to date. The 172s is an even better choice for those who can afford the upgrade and it provides notable benefits. A brand new 172 will run for roughly $300'000 but on the open market, the price may come down to $25'000