Cirrus Light Aircraft Manufacturer

  • Quick Facts

    Cirrus is one of the newer entrances to the light aircraft market and was only founded in 1984. To date, it only has 3 FAA approved models with others in the works. It is mostly owned by the Chinese government with some private investors. Cirrus is looking to step up its role in the marketplace with the invention if the SF50 which is a single jet engine light aircraft. The original blueprint was for the aircraft to be a sport light making it the first Sport Jet. However, the funding was not there and they had to cut the project.

    Cirrus has been under fire in recent years for its connection to the governments of China and the US. As it is owned but the Chinese, many argue that the US should not purchase from them when there are localmanufacturers all around. However, the US military seems to like Cirrus and haas signed a contract to purchase 5 new models every year at discounted price.

  • Favorite Product: SR 20

    The Cirrus SR-20 is an awesome training craft and is the major reason behind the sucess of Cirrus. It is built to have all of the features of a larger aircraft which makes it an excellejnt training craft for pilots looking to expand their skills. This is a plane that is trying to surplant the Skyhawk as the standard of industry, but the SR20 has a ways to go. Because of its advanced avionics, a new SR20 prices higher than the skyhawk at $320'000.