Piper Light Aircraft Manufacturer

  • Quick Facts

    Piper has been the center of some of the most interesting developments in the aviation field. In the 1950's they produced the J-3 Cub which became the core plane of the '50s. It was able to be mass produced for training and enthusiasts on the home front. The military made some upgrades but kept the general constructability of the original model. This led to some mass purchases by the government. Since then, some of the notable models has been the Cherokee and the Apache.

    In Recent years, Piper has been in a number of issues. Taking massive tax breaks, Piper moved to Lakeland Florida in order to restructure with a new project called "Piper Altaire". The project was focused around the development of sports models. In conjunction with a Czech based company, they wanted to create a sub six figure aircraft named the PiperSport. However, after the first 40 models went unsold, the Piper ditched "Altaire" altogether, releasing 200 workers. This cancellation has led to the issues that Piper has had with the Florida Government. Their contract required hiring 1'100 new employees by 2012 or pay back the tax break. They are still in the process of repaying this debt.

  • Favorite Product: PA-28 Cherokee

    The Cherokee is a true marvel. Whilst a dozen styles have come and gone in the past 50 years, the Cherokee still draws attention to this day. It's sleek look as well as itsclassic appearance is a strong presence. It is a highly regarded aircraft to this day and is still in production. With over 30k models produced, you can be sure that there are many shands that are skilled in the repair and maintance of the craft. Many classic models are priced as low as 45 Thousand.