Robin Light Aircraft Manufacturer

  • Quick Facts

    Robin is an exciting and brand new operation in the field of Light Aircraft manufacturing. Robin is a French based manufacturer that made in impact with its conversion from the going out of business Apex Aviation to the successful rebranding. The name Robin represents the main brand that Apex had once been known for. This brand is a mostly wood-based aircraft that are extremely low weight. All of these planes have Eye-Catching wings with an upwards slant.

    The creation of the Sports category of flight has been the main attribution to the growthb of Robin.This has allowed the company to specifically market to people who want to fly but do not want to do the 45 hours of private pilot trraining. This works because the all wood frame is within the weight class of the Sports category. Robin Planes are very hard to get serviced because of their obscurity.

  • Favorite Product: DR-400

    DR-400 is another of the all wood monoplanes that has done fairly well in its new category. While for now they are rare, Robin has recently gone into ful production on this plane and they should be reaching tha stable price of $200'000 within the year.