• Quick Facts

    Syma is the manufacturer of a large line of Radio Controlled helicopters. Over the last decade, rc helicopters have made huge leaps in evolution from fragile and expensive to durable and inexpensive. The Syma F3 for example has a metal casing which allows the copter to be dropped from very high altitudes and suffer little to no damage.
    In addition, the company has a high quality control system in place whereas all products are factory tested and quality assured before being sent out for fulfillment. The best part about a Syma helicopter is the price point. Ten years ago, the barrier to entry for beginner enthusiasts was quite high. One had to spend at least $200 on a helicopter that was not very durable. After a couple crashes the helicopter would break. The non-modular design meant that you would have to shell out another $200 to replace the copter. This would cause a lot of frustration. These days, the modular design allows for easy replacement of cheap parts.

  • Favorite Product: Syma F3 Helicopter

    The Syma F3 is a great beginner's helicopter. Capable of being flown indoors or outdoors on calm wind days, this is a very stable and durable helicopter. If you are searching for the Best Remote Control Helicopter on the market, this is defintely the helicopter to go after. You will be rewarded with hours and hours of fun!